Problem generating an RSS feed with LJProxy

Because I can’t stand LiveJournal’s interface and haven’t directly used it in forever, I’ve been running this script to grab what I need from the service and stick it in an RSS feed. Up until a day or two ago, it worked with absolutely no problem on my DH PS. I’ve changed absolutely nothing on the server, but as of about two days ago, it would appear to be retrieving things properly, but the RSS feeds it generates are completely empty. The program was apparently developed on a DH server and has therefore been tested with their environment. And, as I said, it worked for me up until a day or two ago. Any idea on things to look at as to what’s decided to break it at this point?

As stated, the logs indicate everything’s retrieved successfully–so it’s not a lack of information, per say. But the feeds themselves don’t appear to be filling. Pointers/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I’ve about run up against the limit of my troubleshooting ability. says it might be an issue on LJ’s end.

… Oh. Yeah, that’ll do it. Stupid LJ. This would be why I’m kind of glad I only read it at the moment.