Problem: Dreamweaver, Root Directory, and Dreamhost

Hey guys and gals,

I’m really feeling the pain here…

I’ve created a set of pages in Dreamweaver, ready to load them up, but nothing is appearing online.

So, for example, I’ve got all my html files in a folder on my PC:


In the folder are the html pages:


I’ve got the domain name as, for example:

I’ve set up a new site as instructed by Dreamhost (with the username, password and FTP server).

I can’t figure out what the “Root” directory is that I should use.

I’ve tried:

I gather the “Web URL” sohuld be:

Does anyone know what I should be entering – I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find a solution…


The server is configured to look for certain pages by default. One of them needs to be named index.htm, index.html, index.php (you get the point right?). If not you would need an .htaccess file to redirect to whatever file you want to show up when someone goes to your site.

Sweet – thanks Ryo-ohki.

So I’ve saved the “mysite_home.html” as “index.html”

However, I’m still having issues with which “Root Directory” to enter in Dreamweaver.

I’ve entered my details in the Root Directory field, eg:


I then click “Test” and get a message saying:

“An FTP error has occurred - cannot open server folder/home/mysite/username/ Access denied. The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.”

As an aside, If I leave the field blank and click test, I get confirmation that I’ve connected to the server correctly, so I’m imagining it’s something relating to what I’m entering…

Any ideas of what might be missing…?

If you’re using FTP to connect to the server, the “root directory” should just be the name of your site. The /home/username/ is implied.

Buddy – that worked!

In summary, for the “Root Directory” in dreamweaver I entered:

For the “Web URL” I used the one (not mine).

Taking Ryo’s advice, I’ve kept a version of my home page saved as “index.html” just in case.

Thanks AndrewF and Ryo-ohki for your help! You’re legends.