Problem DataBase


I really need some help here.

Let me start from the top. My blog is

I’m trying to migrate my blog from Fatcow to a VPS Dreamhost. I’ve transferred the domain today to DH and already pointed to the new name servers.

I now need to transfer my old DB files to the new. I’ve created a new hostname for MySQL server test when I click on the phpMyAdmin all I see is my existing blog. And nothing else. There is no opportunity to upload the old DB.

Is this bcause is still waiting on the domain transfer? Perhaps I should’ve left that to last!!

Thank you,


For me your URL above is now resolving to a dreamhost coming soon page.

The key is that when you change nameservers there is a delay for DNS to propagate. This is true regardless of registrar or host, it’s just how DNS works. Usually takes 12-24 hours, but could take up to 72 hours for all nameservers world-wide. You might be able to speed up the change if it’s not working for you now by flushing your DNS cache.