Problem compiling RMagick 1.14.0

I’m trying to compile RMagick 1.14.0 with Ruby 1.8.5 and
ImageMagick 6.3.0. I’m installing this all locally in a directory that I created called /home/[user]/packages where I like to be able to maintain all my own packages.

Anyway, Ruby and ImageMagick compiled with no problems. When I try to
compile RMagick, either from the source or using the gem (using the instructions I found here:, I get the
following (this is actually from an attempt at compiling 1.13.0, but
the same error in both versions):

—> lib
—> lib/rvg
<— lib/rvg
<— lib
—> ext
—> ext/RMagick
gcc -I. -I/home/[user]/packages/lib/ruby/1.8/i686-linux
-DRUBY_VERSION=0x185 -I/home/[user]/packages/include -fPIC -Wall -g
-c rmutil.c
rmutil.c: In function Color_to_ColorInfo': rmutil.c:1771: error: incompatible types in assignment rmutil.c: In functionColor_to_s’:
rmutil.c:1801: warning: int format, double arg (arg 5)
rmutil.c:1801: warning: int format, double arg (arg 6)
rmutil.c:1801: warning: int format, double arg (arg 7)
rmutil.c:1801: warning: int format, double arg (arg 8)
make: *** [rmutil.o] Error 1
setup.rb:655:in command': system("make") failed (RuntimeError) from setup.rb:664:inmake’
from setup.rb:1258:in setup_dir_ext' from setup.rb:1532:insend
from setup.rb:1532:in traverse' from setup.rb:1549:indive_into’
from setup.rb:1530:in traverse' from setup.rb:1534:intraverse’
from setup.rb:1533:in each' ... 8 levels... from setup.rb:826:insend
from setup.rb:826:in invoke' from setup.rb:772:ininvoke’
from setup.rb:1578

As a result, the file never gets created and RMagic is not
usable. I’m not sure where to go from here. Any help?