Problem changing over nameserver

My previous webhost ( recently, and rather unexpectedly, shut down. They registered my domain name for me as a reseller of
So my domain is still claimed, but not by me.

I want to change the nameserver to point to, but I can’t seem to log in to, and all but disappeared from the virtual map. Is there a way to do this from the dreamhost end??

Anyone have a solution/suggestions?


Not much you can do in a situation like that…Is the domain still registered? Are you listed in the contact information? If your name is not on it, would have to be contacted somehow…

Technical Contact:
HostDome, INC
Joshua Diamant (
Fax: +1.8454267737
1 South Post Lane
Airmont, NY 10952

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my name is in the contact info for the whois results… and the domain is registered through October this year…

I’m trying to get in touch with the hostdome guys - heck I know where he lives and will visit him if I have to! :slight_smile:

But still, it would be nice to avoid some hassle - I talked to an representative and she told me that is owned by a parent company ( - who registers domains as well. I’ve emailed their customer service and hope to hear something…


definately you can do anything in DH. You have to contact the company where you registered the domain.

If it is so difficult to reach those people, I’ll suggest you to transfer the domain to DH. Isn’t it better?

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I agree with Nathan. If it were me, I’d be trying to transfer that domain out of there as quickly as possible, either to DreamHost or some other registrar.


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I’m in the same situation with hostdome. Transfering the domain is the easy part, it’s obtaining the auth-info code that’s going to be a problem, and hostdome has all but dissapeared. Any ideas?

He is not answering is phone and his voice mail box is full, I have multiple domains essentially locked out now and a customer of mine is not so happy about it… This sucks, I would switch to dreamhost is a second but I cannot get the auth codes to transfer the domain. If anyone has any ideas please post, is sucking my life!

Looks like is back up, maybe unlocking the domains will now be possible.