Problem approving Account - Account still pending

I am having similar issues as other in the forum. I tried to create a new account yesterday and was not completed saying need to verify credit card. I send the fax form yesterday night within an hour. I haven’t heard back since then and my account is till pending. I need this soon, can this be escalated. “prasun4”

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting us for help. I see that your account has been approved and you’re all set! Our approvals tyean sent you an email update, if you need any more help please be sure and reply back to them

Thank you for your patience it is appreciated!

Welcome to DreamHost!!
Matt C

I set-up an account(2059620) at 6:10pm CST, it says that our account has to be approved and pending, is there anyway we can get this escalated or the process started, been trying to wait patiently but last hosting co. dropped the ball on us for over 3 weeks, and that is why we chose to go with DreamHost. please respond, Thanks

For some reasons, mails go straight to junk/spam folder. But I don’t think this happens 100% of the time so I think it could be worth while to check that folder at your mailbox as well.