Problem adding a new domain

I have been hosting on Dreamhost for over 4 years now and I have never had this problem. I tried to add a new domain for the last 2 nights just as I have always done in the past. It was purchased at goDaddy and I have pointed the dns to dreamhost. I am getting a message that says I don’t have permission to add a domain. What’s up with that? I have monster code that is paid in full for the next 2 years so no problems with my acct. Has anyone ever experienced this? I’m in a real problem with this now.

Any suggestions?


It sounds like you might be logging in using a “different” userid for your account that doesn’t have full panel privileges. Go to “Users>Account Privileges” in the panel and check to make sure you’re running under a properly authorized “email address” user.

I think it’s the manage all current and future domains privilege you need to add domains to your account.

Here’s an excellent article on the Dreamhost wiki:

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I appreciate your reply. Unfortunately, I’ve been the only user on the account ever. I log on fine and under the privileges it states that I am the only authorized user on the account. I think this is an internal problem with my login. I haven’t added a domain for a long time and I’m wondering how long my account has been messed up. This is very upsetting to me. I can’t think of anything else it can be except Dreamhost’s problem. Can you?

Are you able to add subdomains?

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I got a problem similar to this one got from support:

You need to give permission to add/remove features for these hosting plans.

To add new domains.

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What’s the exact error message you’re getting? If you want to obfuscate the domain name, go ahead.

For example, here’s the error message that we get when we try to add a subdomain for a domain that hasn’t been added as a domain yet:

Can't add domain: you don't have permission to add to godaddydomain.tld.I suppose there’s also the possibility that the domain was already added to some other account. I don’t think I’ve ever personally seen that error message, but it might be possible that you’re seeing that error message.

I recommend submitting a support ticket about your issue if you haven’t already. Make sure to provide as many details about your problem as you can. It’ll help the guys in support out and make it easier and faster for them to help you!

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