Problem adding a domain

hey all. i recently reg’d a domain with godaddy, and it is all successful. i went to add it to my dreamhost account, and its telling me the domain is already in their system? how can this be when it just became reg’d and i own it. any help would be appreciated.

Submit a Support ticket. They’ll probably ask for some proof that you own the domain. On occasion, someone “accidentally” sets up domain hosting for a domain they don’t own. Naturally, without proper DNS, it won’t work, but it does stop proper owners from setting up their own hosting.


ya thanks alot, i have. hopefully their tech support isnt half as bad as the rap they have. ive read some disgusting things.

I think most of the bad rap comes from user error and not the fault of dreamhost. But at the same time all companies have customers who slip through the cracks or really do have poor experiences, but you never hear of the overwhelming majority who have never had any problems, or they did and the problems were address quickly.

Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.