Problem accessing php on website

ive uploaded a php website, but when i try to load a page, it says that the connection was refused when i try to access load php file, though it works for html

the url is works

Apparently you are redirecting (probably with .htaccess) to, which isn’t set up.

Before the redirect I can see you have a lot of PHP errors, because of includes like “http://localhost/admin/global_functions.php”. Remember you need to either use relative urls or update your domain…

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oops, i uploaded the wrong version of the site :S

by updating my domain, would you mean changing a setting in the php.ini file to allow doing such a thing?(if i were running it locally?)


I’m stilling getting forwarded to a non-existing https-address, but the include problem seems to be solved.

The error was something like “Couldn’t include http://localhost/subdir/global_functions.php”, so I just wanted you to change the links to something like “./subdir/global_functions.php”…

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