Probably very simple


Hi All,

When I signed up with dh, I saw something that talked about dh setting up a sample coming soon page. I opted not to do this because I wanted to install vbulletin first.

All seems fine. But, now I want a front page (ahead of the forum).

My directory tree looks like this:

-username (folder) (folder) (folder)

When I go to in a browser, the page is blank…naturally. When I type in the forum addy, the forum comes up… all good.

I have tried creating a new directory in I called it Index. It was inserted below the When I go to browser, I have to specifically type in to see the page. Do I need to name the directory “home” or something else?

Man, I am sure I am missing something so simple.

Thanks for any help.



um i don’t understand what you are trying to do. if you made and didn’t put anything in there it will be blank yes. if you create and put stuff in there of course you would have to go to to access whatever is in the folder you named ‘index’. are you trying to get whatever is in ‘index’ to show up when you type just is there some reason you don’t just put whatever is in ‘index’ into the main folder? i really cannot comprehend why you would make a sub-directory and name it ‘index’ instead of just putting what you want to show up in the folder but anyhow if you would prefer to forward automatically to you can use an .htaccess file just put the following into it:

301 redirect /index.php

Now you have to place the .htaccess file in the folder for this to work and I have not actually ever tested to see if it would work even if you didn’t actually have an index.php (or .html, etc) file in there but you could just create a blank one if it was crapping out or something I guess. Here is a good page about redirection for future reference


Yup, I guess I am confused. Sorry I am not being clear.

I will try to clarify what I am asking.

I do have something on my site. I have a forum. So my directory tree has the main directory ( and then another directory under that that is I just made a simple html using openoffice and wanted to put it in the directory so that I can see it when I go to only.


ok that html page needs to be named index.html in order for it to show up by default and placed in the folder


This is what I get when I try to ftp to

Command: put “E:\Lisa\sitefolder\index.html” "index.html"
Status: local:E:\Lisa\sitefolder\index.html => remote:/home/username/
Status: File transfer successful, transferred 516 bytes in 1 second
Status: Retrieving directory listing…
Command: cd "/home/username/"
Error: Directory /home/username/ no such file or directory
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

Is it looking for a “home” directory to put the index.html into?


apparently it is trying to navigate to go to the subdirectory ‘home’ afterwards. what program are you even using? it looked like the index.html file was uploaded correctly to but its not showing up? i can’t really tell you much if you won’t tell me your domain name


Sorry about that, I thought I was supposed to keep it generic. is the domain.

I am using filezilla for ftp and I just created a simple html in openoffice.

Thanks for taking the time. I just can’t get the grey-matter working today.



I see a page that says hi there so I guess you got it to work? also if you plan on hand-coding pages yourself you might want to look into notepad++ it is a free text editor and very good. Also it comes with ftp functionality so you can just use one program to code your stuff and upload :slight_smile:


Oh man, I kept refreshing and it wasn’t coming up. I just did the most simple silly thing so that I could see if I had the right starting point.

I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out for me. ARG



Ah its possible it was a cache issue. Next time you make changes and they aren’t reflecting use ctrl+f5 that will force refresh and pull the latest file from the server.