Privileges problem


I’m not terrifically articulate but I’ll try to explain.

I share a hosting plan with a couple other people. The guy with the main WebID/account was the only one who had the privileges to add domains or subdomains to anything, and he’s unable to access the internet for an indefinite amount of time, and I’ve not been able to contact him. I would love to be able to add domains/subdomains to my stuff, is there anyway I can get these privileges on my WebID/account without trying to track down this guy and beating them out of him, or am I SOL?


Perhaps he is unable to access the Internet from home, but don’t forget that any public library will give you free Internet access. Even if dude is in prison, they still get the Internet in there. Does he have a phone? If your name isn’t on the actual account, you’re SOL without his assistance. Think about the possible repercussions if this weren’t the case.


until he comes online I dont see how u can fix this.
other then that, just create yoour onw panel, and then ask him to merge both accounts

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If the account owner could get online to merge the accounts, I am guessing he could just add the relevant privileges to the original posters WEBID :stuck_out_tongue:


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You’ll have to contact and work with Support to get anywhere with this. If you know any financial info’ (CC #, etc.) or can demonstrate some association with the account (ability to login to something, etc), they will probably work with you.

They hired more support help.
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I know. But as I said until he/she comes there aint much I think He can do

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