Private Server

would getting a Private Server, make for less downtime on my site?

i don’t know if it is the people who are on my server writing bad code or there are too many on the server, or if it is dreamhost with a bad network, but once in a while it goes down.

would an endless PHP loop make it so the server doesn’t respond, or it brings the CPU/RAM up? If so, would a Private Server fix this, and I would have less down time?

if I got a private server, would i pay the private server amount plus what i am already paying?

Probably not. If you’re getting genuine downtime, you’ll have to bug support. Shared servers shouldn’t get downtime. DH monitors all servers for abnormal usage and have some management processes to prevent such crashing.

If it’s a network issue, then nothing will help, except for Support to stay on top of things, which they usually do.

As for cost, a Private Server is its own hosting package, so you’d drop your current package when they transition you over to a private server and then just pay for the PS hosting, rather than the Shared hosting.


I think it depends on what the OP means by downtime.

If it means that his sites are unresponsive for mysterious reasons and SSH is unresponsive or shows CPU utilization at 100%, then a Private Server would be helpful.

I’ve noticed a lot less variation in performance of my websites since switching over to DreamHost PS.

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Is that a change from the initial roll-out? It was my understanding that the “PS” service was a charge “in addition to” the standard shared hosting plan rate. In fact, the DH “PS” website still describes it that way. :wink:


Darn, I guess it pays to read the fine print. That shared hosting fee looks like the old pricing.


You are right, it does!


Has performance improved a lot going to a PS? I guess I am more curious where the bottlenecks are:

  1. Internal network saturation
  2. External network saturation
  3. Database machine performance?
  4. File server machine performance?
  5. Shared host performance?

I have a dedicated host at ServerBeach and have been using DH as more of a test environment.

I have considered moving my dedicated host here, but performance has been very slow on shocktart (e.g. 10-15 seconds to load a just installed WordPress site with NO content except the default post) that I am reluctant to do so. DH PS would be slightly more expensive that ServerBeach, but comes with them keeping the OS up-to-date which is worth a lot. Since I have not been able to determine where the performance bottleneck is, I haven’t done the switch.

I will have to look and see if the PS is covered by the same money-back guarantee.

10-15 seconds sounds slow to me. It’s certainly much slower than my sites. Have you figured out what portion of that is the initial response time, how much is retrieving multimedia content links, and how much is pure initial latency?

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Now it is averaging about 5 seconds. Shocktart’s load average was 60 about an hour ago and now is down to 30. is the URL I am testing there (may move it).

It ONLY has the default WP install.

I think it is database and load average issues, but am not sure.

Yeah, that load average is high compared to my server (back when it was a regular server).

If the load is consistently that high, then there’s something up on your server and you should submit a ticket to have someone from support look into it because lots of customers and sites will be affected in the same way that you’ve been affected.

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Have you seen good performance from your private server? Database and file server access good?


Yes, I’m getting good database and file server access. But remember that I was getting good access before “going PS”, I just wanted to eliminate the infrequent but nevertheless annoying high load due to bad neighbors.

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I appreciate the time and input. :wink: