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On my site, I’ve started to pile up 500 Internal Server Errors during peak load times. In particular, in my business directory, which is one of the more important parts of my site. I had considering switching hosts to a vps or something similar, and then noticed this “invitation” to a DH private server program. I’m curious as to whether anyone else here has tried it, and what they think about it.

For reference, my site is

My main concerns are the following:

  1. How much do you think would really be required to run this site?
  2. Is it more useful, (in terms of getting rid of those damned 500 errors), to use the PS on the webserver side or the mysql side?
  3. Do the PS still have the same email limit restrictions, (200/hr), that the shared accounts have?
  4. When all is said and done, do you really feel that the PS system is worth it, compared to VPS options, (or even other, not-so-oversold shared hosting solutions)?


Have you noticed which pages you’re getting the 500 errors on?

I’ve only used PS for the web server, but the answer here depends on where your site is slow. As someone mentioned here in another thread, you might just have to create a few indices on some of your tables.


I personally think PS is worth it to avoid variability in response times on my sites. Before I got PS, my sites were mostly fast enough, but had occasional times where they would slow down and it would take 10s or more to generate a simple WordPress page.

Have you spent much time doing performance analysis and optimizing your site and database? If not, you should think about doing so because you’ll definitely be doing so afterwards when every MB and CPU cycle costs money after you’ve switched to PS! :slight_smile:

BTW, the big differentiator of Dreamhost PS is that it is VPS but with the same managed hosting that you get our of a shared hosting account. I have friends who have VPS’s and they complain about having to do all the maintenance, updates, and installations “by hand”.

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The big thing giving me errors is SOBI2, which is a directory component for joomla. It was working just fine until a few months ago, but now regularly gives me 500 errors when I try to access it from either the front end or backend.


SOB12 Update:


I’m already using 2.8.4, and it’s still 500’ing for me pretty much 75% of the day. Driving me nuts right now.


Check your file & folder permissions carefully.

It’s been said that if SOBI2 is configured to change directory permissions it’ll even try change your root domain folder permissions as well so check your permissions first, then work your way down through the folders.


Yeah, I’ve checked through all of that too. If it were a permissions problem, I don’t think it would be affected by the time of day it happened, (ie:most likely during peak load times).


If you think it’s a resource issue (and one your script isn’t causing) you might be able to track it down by logging into shell and calling top and users during the times your site’s spewing 500’s. If you get some corresponding data, that could give you more of an idea on what to discuss with Support.


In my opinion you should consider something better than shared even if you fix those errors. You site is quite heavy, has lots of traffic and seems you have a buck out of it. I guess your users would appreciate it.

I have the feeling you´re in for a big bill in Dreamhost PS, if you have the knowledge and time, you should consider other bulkier (and cheaper) options somewhere else.

It seems to me, that DH PS is something in between shared and VPSs you find out there, as Lensman said, it is managed and that should cost extra anyways. If you don´t need that, you might as well save the money.

I have been using DH PS for some months now and I´m fully satisfied with it. I don´t have the knowledge to manage a VPS by myself and don´t have a lot of traffic in my sites, but I´m happy to pay for the extra speed.

If I was you, I would move to PS immediately to try to get rid of the error. But would also shop around for something that would fit better in case you find out you´re site will only work with lots of memory.


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