Private Server Down


I recently upgraded to a private server, and my website has been down since then (down for about 2 days now). I was told I would receive an email with all the details, but I didn’t so I have no idea if it is a regular problem on my end or not.

I can access the FTP of my websites on the server, and all the data is there, however when I go to the actual sites, they appear like a website that has no data on it. (just a blank index)

It was my understanding that the whole server was moved to the PS, so I wouldn’t have to re-upload all my data. I’ve tried changing the CPU/Memory slider, as well as rebooting the servers, or just updating the domains. None of which have made a difference.



Have you submitted a ticket?

BTW, back when DH was setting up my PS server, they did send me an email asking me not to keep rebooting my server while they were in the middle of fixing it. :wink:

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