Private Nameservers

How does one go about registering your private name servers on a dream host domain account?

I’ve been playing around with this myself to get vanity nameservers running. It seems that you can point your private NSs to DH’s NSs (or their IP addresses) and it will work.

For anyone in the know, does this type of NS chaining have a negative effect on lookup or response times? For example, namecheap will let you set up custom nameservers which I pointed to DH’s NSs: -> -> ->

Then, I point the registrar (also namecheap) to those nameservers (, etc) for

To be honest, I don’t know enough about the whole DNS system to understand why this works, but it does. It’s strange because I can’t ping, but they show up in a whois listing and the test site I’ve tried it on is still accessible.

Does anyone know if I’ll run into trouble later?

Yes, you will run into trouble! If you don’t have NS records also set up on the domain to match the “glue records” you’ve set up, you will run into issues with some DNS clients being unable to resolve your domain.

We do support “private nameservers”, including for domains hosted with us, but we recommend that our customers not use it unless there’s a specific reason it’s needed, as it will make some operations (including moving to another hosting provider) significantly more complex. We also recommend that you ask Support for assistance setting it up if you need it, rather than trying to muddle through it yourself, as there are a number of arcane “gotchas” you can run into!

Thanks for letting me know, andrewf. I got the idea from a another forum (possibly this one) where someone had pointed a third party DNS provider to DH’s NSs, so I thought I would give it a try. It’s nothing I need, it’s just kind of cool in a way that vanity license plates are cool, although not as visible.