Private Folder with Login


Hey guys,

I just finished a site for a client who had a client login - this login was just a general User: Guest Password: clientlogin


Click Client login> Window drops down for user and pass> Access to Private Folder>index.html and a couple linked around in that folder.

Can you guys tell me how I accomplish this here on DH?

(ideally I would like to drag that folder from the old server to my DH server)



you should edit that post and remove the password. Even tho you didn’t give the site now someone maybe able to figure it out.

Server Passwords are maintained and controlled via the dreamhost panel. if it’s an application such as wordpress, there may be a login there as well maintained within the app. But we would need to know what app to advise further.


It’s a fake password :slight_smile: (not the real one)

It’s not an app. It’s a folder I want to give access to.

It would be
Window would drop down for user and pass and then it would take them into the folder where the index.html would load.


You can configure a password setup like that in the panel through Goodies > .htaccess / WebDAV.


Hey there - I used that .htaccess set up a directory called /private with a password, but it then made the folders not work!

I created a TEMP folder, for the news site. when I have the /private set up, when click on the it gives an error saying that page doesn’t exist. (404 error). any thoughts?

Any ideas?