Private email?

I have a partner involved in my web site, and I have found that the email passwords are visible in the control panel?
Is there a way for the passwords to be private to a user?

I’d let my partner have the private password by handing the control panel over to him, but our separate duties on the website are such that I am the one who needs to have the control panel and he mostly provides site content.

But, he is the one who should have the email and I would like it to be private for him. I mean, trust is one thing, but email privacy is an internet tradition.
I’m really surprised to see it works this way.

Perhaps I’ve overlooked something simple. I’ve tried altering account privileges and whatnot but haven’t seemed to be able to affect the mail user section at all.

This is frustrating.

A large part of the lure for this person to partner with me was the email address.

I was thinking that another solution might be to have the mail server simply forward every email that comes in to his personal mail account elsewhere and then to immediately delete it from the mail server here?
Is that feasible?

I’d really prefer just to be able to make a private password though…

I think it is great that you are so sensitive to the propriety of having your partner’s email remain private, but I think maybe you should look at it in a slightly different way.

If this is your Dreamhost account, it is entirely appropriate that you have the ability to determine the passwords of users whose activities on the account are your responsibility.

In a shared environment, this is not unusual. Having the ability to manage the account, and retrieve the passwords of your users, is important. None of that, however, means you have to use that ability to read another’s email; I maintain records of all my clients’ passwords - but I do not read their mail, as I feel that to do so is ethically wrong.

You might consider that if your relationship with your partner is not sufficiently trusting that you can simply assure him/her that you would never abuse your ability, as the account manager, by using their password, and have that be sufficient, then maybe the partnership is ill-advised. :wink:

You having access to his email password only prevents his email form being “private” if you abuse that knowledge.

All that said, I do not know of a way for you to maintain your status as the “master” account holder without having your “guest” users credentials available to you via the Panel.