Private Domain Registration at NetSol - worth it?

I just recently moved my domain registration over to the friendly folks here at Dreamhost, thinking that I should just manage all of that stuff in one place. I am still confused though, as to how some of the domains I have are showing ALL of the registration info when I do a whois query.

NetSol (and some others) are offering “private” dmain registrations – is there some way that DH can hide my personal info in the whois database, or do I have to transfer the registration over to another place and pay additional for that?

Thanks – any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


This isn’t a service that DH has offered. If you need to hide your whois info, you’ll probably need to transfer your registration elsewhere.

I haven’t registered any private domains through Netsol, but I have done so through and have been pleased.

I use registerfly and have been very happy with them.

I’m not sure how .com registrations work, but with my .dk domain I can put in the whois details myself. I have my domain handle and a password, then log in to the registrar’s site and edit. But then again, .dk domains aren’t handled by DH either, so this may be a moot point for you.