Private Domain Registation

I am considering using DreamHost for our gaming clan’s website. I have one question though,does DreamHost offer private domain registration?

Yes, DreamHost offers free WHOIS privacy on all domains registered here, including the ‘free’ domain included with hosting plans.


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Awesome, is there a certain way I have to request it or is the domain privacy automatic?

The last ones I did were all done private. It appears that privacy is offered by default.

(The screen by default shows the privacy version but there’s a button you can use to select your real info. Don’t do that. You’ll get real snail mail from everyone and their brother telling you you’ll lose your domain if you don’t renew with them right now for 45$/year.)

Wholly - IS NOT MY PROMO CODE. Even worse, I don’t get any credit for it. Use WhollyMindless for full credit. I’m really disappointed in someone.

You may want to read this for more info

I do not remember I did any setting for this. So I guess it is as wholly said --> default.

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Same here, all the domains I have registered since DreamHost began offering the privacy service have had it enabled by default.

I still receive a fair bit of spam via the addresses, but, as you mentioned, at least it eliminates all those crap renewal offers via snail mail.


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Domain registry of america (DROA) ?

Their mail goes straight to the trash.

But i almost never receive this kind of snail mail for renewal (and i manage hundreds domains).

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What a bunch of rogues they are, thankfully the domain privacy has eliminated their snail mail as others have mentioned.

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