Private Domain - How to?


I’m used to GoDaddy, so sorry if this is stupid question. I just purchased my domain, but want it to be private so folks cannot do a whois and see my address. How do I add a private registration on my domain purchase?


  1. Log in to the panel and go to
  2. Click on the domain name you want to update
  3. You get a page showing WHOIS info for your domain, at the bottom of that page is a button “Modify WHOIS info for …” click on that
  4. Select “Use DreamHost’s free WHOIS privacy service:”
  5. Click on “Update contact info for …”.

Best of all, it’s free… Welcome to Dreamhost!


Under domains go to registrations. You should see your domains listed and a section that says modify whois? Click on the whois info button and on the next screen for whois preference select 'Use DreamHost’s free WHOIS privacy service" and then click the update contact info button.

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