Private/Custom Nameservers

Hello –

I am a potential new customer and I’d like to ask some questions that I did not see info for:

  1. Do you offer private nameserver services? Where I am now they offer free custom nameserver setup, but another host in the past charged…

  2. Do you offer assistance on moving clients over? I currently have about 35 or so clients I would need to move and do not want to do this by hand :slight_smile:

  3. My current host has an itchy trigger finger when it comes to suspending my clients. Allow me to explain … lots of times clients (and we all experience this) will upload php files and whatnot (sacriledge I know). Well, this host will scan the directory and willy nilly suspend an account on the basis of there being “suspicious” files in an account. It’s really more frustrating when a client emails me and tells me his photograhy portfolio is suspended again lol. Please tell me you guys are a little more reasonable when walking the line between server security and client ability to do what they need to?

  4. Drawing a blank at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll think up more.

Thanks everyone! Have heard good things about DreamHost :slight_smile:

This forum is inhabited just by happy Dreamhost customers. These are mainly sales questions.

You should email sales via this form.


Not sure which DreamHost plan is best for you? This chart lists the plans.

This is possible (or was last I heard), but there are some setup fees and recurring fees involved.

reply to 3:

I don’t think dreamhost scans for ‘suspicous files’ at all. I’ve never heard of anyone getting suspended or shut down for what they have - along as it’s allowable within the terms of service. PHP is definatly allowed, infact you can complie your own version of PHP if you see fit (own your own, support won’t help you out with that one). You can also choose if you want your domain to run PHP4 or 5. 4 is default, as most scripts are still using that, but it’s an aviable option.

So yeah, if you start up an illegal mp3 trading site, then DH is going to complain. But other wise I think you’ll be much happier here.