Printing website creation with File upload?

Hi I am working on a friends website and he wants to be able to have his clients upload photo of the business cards or whatever, Is this possible to do?, and how.


Sure! There are many ways you can provide a way for website visitors to upload things (including photos of business cards), so you have lots of choices.

Which choice is the best depends quite a lot on what is supposed to happen with the uploaded business card photos after they come to the site, and your level of expertise with scripts and their installation.

Do you plan for these business card pgotos to be displayed on the website after they are up-loaded, or are you just looking for a way for the client to get the card photos?

Just a few of the options:

  1. You can use a “gallery” type script (DH has Gallery2 as a “one-click” installation).

  2. You can use a CMS system that has an “upload” capability (Joomla! is another DreamHost “one-click” install that has a wide collection of add-on components for handling visitor uploads)

  3. Many Forum programs allow uploading of images as attachments to messages or post (phpBB is available as a DH “one-click” install)

  4. There are lots of other scripts (available from places like that provide various kinds of upload functionality and can be used as part of your website to enable the p0hotos to be uploaded.

  5. You can program your own upload capability into the site using any of several programming languages (perl, python, php, etc), and there is a lot of “free” source code out there for you to re-use of use as a basis for doing this.

Maybe if you share a little more about what you want to happen to the photos after they are uploaded, and how comfortable you are technically with some of the preceding suggestions, we can give you some more specific advice.


My friend wants his clients be to able to have thier graphic designer make the, lets say for fun, business cards, so they would upload the front and the back, and it would then would put their info and then hit send, and it would simply get attached to that email?? Ideally I thought of it like form to mail with attachment capabilities like or outlook :slight_smile:

Also I am green with this kind of stuff. very green as you can read.

That sounds like a programming project to me.

Many commonly available “e-greeting card” programs available from popular script directories do pretty much the same thing.

You might tell you friend he may be able to modify one of those for his purposes at lot more easily than he could write such a beast himself. :slight_smile:


I seen tons of crappy website with them. It doesnt seem like it should be hard. I tried to disect the code, and re-write some of it, but doesnt really attach the pics, just some how by passes it. Here is an example.

Yep, there a lot of them about, with varying degree of “crappiness”, but some people seem to like them a lot.

There are some that attach the pics (you just need to seach for one), though most such programs are written not to attach the pics, but to require a “visit” to the site to view the “card”. That’s why they are so popular with some web site owners (they get to show their site/ads/whatever when the user comes to see the “card” they received).

Like I said, if you look around you will find some of these that do include the “send as an attachment” logic and code. One of those should be pretty easy to modify for your needs. :wink:


No it is not for Ecard.

It is for printing company, that doesn businses cards, and letterheads. etc. The client/design uploads it and then my friend would take that file and send it to his printer and print. I have shown an example of what I need, can someone help me create this, so send me to a DIRECT link on creating this?

I really appreciate you help, dont get me wrong. I just need one just like the link I posted.

OH! Now I understand what you mean. You confused me with your comments …

To do what your example site is doing, there is no email involved at all. All you need is an upload script, and a customized form. I’d just check for an upload script in the language of your choice, and then just customize the form to your liking.

Uh, ok … let me google it for you.

There it is, from “scratch”. Frankly I think it might be a lot easier and quicker to use an existing script, but you wanted a “DIRECT” link on “creating” such a thing, so there you go.

I think part of what is confusing us both here, is that you are assuming that example site you referenced is using the “form” like a formmailer to collect the files and attach them to an email that is then sent to the printer. If that is what you want to do, you need to write/obtain/modify an script to do that.

An “Ecard” application was mentioned only because some of them already do most of that, and since you mentioned “cards” and “front” and “back” I thought it would be a good place to start. For what I now understand you to mean, any good formmail script that supports attachments will do the job nicely. Do you need me to google that for you?

On the other hand, that is not what the example site you pointed to is doing. They are doing it in a much better way (in my opinion) by just providing a facility for their clients to upload files to their server. That only takes the kind of upload script the tutorial I linked you to is about, and it doesn’t rely upon email at all. :wink:

Either way will work, the choice of which way to go is yours to make: If you want to do it via email, search for a script that is a “formmail with attachments” script for an example on how to create what you need (or to just use); if you want to do what your example site did, the tutorial above shows you how to build it from scratch - all you have to do then is customize your form (though, again, plenty of these types of scripts are readily available if you decide a “pre-written” solution is preferable).


Thanks so much, Sorry for the confusion.

You have cleared so much up for me. I would like "to allow hiws clients to be able to upload files from their browser to his hosting.

The only thing is I dont want PHP. (I dont know PHP and the site I am building for my friend is html.

And in Addition to the site that I showed for refrence, I would like another choice file, so they can upload more than one thing at a time.

thanks for bearing with me. I will make sure I return this knowledge to someone as dense on this matter as me.

No problem! I’m glad we are making progress. What you need is an “upload” script that will let the client’s users/customers fill out an html form, and “submit” that form form from their browser. When they do this, the html form’s “action” will cause a “script” to be run which will complete the uploading of the customer’ file, or files, and save them onto the client’s “hosting” (a directory on the DH webserver).

I understand, but you need to realize that there is no way you can do this using only HTML.

You do not need to use PHP, but you must use some kind of scripting language to program this capability into a site. There are many ways to do this, using many different languages and systems. Some of the alternatives to PHP include pearl and python.

But you don’t need to learn these languages to build this into a site. There are many such scripts already written and freely available. One using PHP and perl has been mentioned many times on these forums (search for uber uploader), and there are many many more available at or on other script sharing sites.

Many of these allow you to upload more than one file, including uberuploader. If you read the instructions carefully, you should be able to install such a script for your friend. You can use your knowledge of html in customizing the form used by the script.

Unfortunately, there is not much of a shortcut to doing it like that - did you read the tutorial on building your own upload script that I linked above?


yea, I read this link and also did some searching on the uber uploader. Did not pull anything in the idea like the site that I provided.

Is there a way I can get an sample script edited for our server and I would need to input would be where the email gets sent.?

Also what kind of scripting do you think the link I provided is in?

While I do not know what you found in the searching you did, I suspect that you probably just didn’t recognize the similarity between what you found and what the other site was doing. In fact, upber uploader is exactly the same process as your example site was using - a form (in php or html) linked to an uploading script (in this case, written in perl). I also hgave already pointed you to a step-by-step tutorial, with sample code, of exactly this process in an earlier post in this thread.

You seem to still be misunderstanding what the site you pointed to as an example is doing. There is no email getting sent at all ; email has nothing to do with it.

The “sample” script is easy to find, any “file upload script” can be used as an example - I have already pointed you to several places where you can find many such examples.

The process the example site is using has two parts:

  1. An html form to collect the clients’ information, and collect the “filename” of the file that is to be uploaded and stored. By using “views source” in your browser, you can easily see an “example” of their form to use as a “sample”. One of the things you will see is the “action=submit.php” part of the form - "submit.php is the “second part” of the process (it is the script that actually uploads the file, input by the client in the form, and stores it on their server).

  2. A script to take the input of the form mentioned in item 1 above and “process” it by uploading the file submitted by the client and storing it on the server. The script they are using for this is called “submit.php”, and it appears to allow a single file to be uploaded at a time. You can use a different upload script (as we have already pointed out repeatedly), and even one that collects more than one file name from the form (I think you wanted 5?) and uploads all of them (you will have to modify the form also to collect multiple filenames instead of just one).

The process on that site uses both html (for the form - the form is pure html though the file the form is displayed in can be in html, php, asp, a perl scrip, etc. - any thing that can create a webpage) and PHP (for the processing script that is the forms’ “action” - again, that’s what they used, you can use any scripting language).

Once again - you can not do this using only html.

If after all of this discussion, you really cannot understand how that other site is doing that file uploading and storing on the server, or how to approach the project, I don’t think I can help you further - I just don’t know how else to explain it to you.

If this is something you really need done, and you cannot decipher it enough to implement it yourself, maybe you should consider hiring a programmer , or web developer, to do it for you - or maybe someone on these forums could be interested in writing such a thing for you.


My friend wants its customers to be able to have their graphic designer is to say for fun business cards so they load the front and back, and it would then put their information and then hit send and would simply attached. Ideally and I thought like form mail with attachment capabilities .