Print version of form results of MySQL database

I have created a form which “GETS” information from a MySQL database when the user submits the form.

The results are displayed on a “result.php” page, in which I have provided a link to another page which is simpler in design so that it can be printed (“printable.php”)

Example of the code at the “result.php” link is:

Print this page

However, when I click on the link, the print page shows many errors and the database results are not seen on the “printable.php” page.

Eg. of error:
“Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/…/script.php on line 18”

What is wrong? Has it anything to do with my links? When I link the , I don’t get the errors and the results can be seen.

How can I make the “result.php” into a printable version? My result.php consists of many tables, but I want the printable version to be just words

Would appreciate help from anyone…

As soon as you link to the “printable” version, all your variables lose their values because you are not passing them on in a querystring. You can get around this using session variables, but a more elegant solution would be to use CSS to create a print version of the existing page (the page will print differently from how it looks on the screen).

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