Print, Fax, Rubb, WTF?

Seriously im pissed of now. It didn’t say ANYWHERE in the
registration forms that I had to PRINT and FAX you a piece of paper
with an imprint of my creditcard. I dont Own a Printer, I dont own a
Fax machine. And my friend is the one who payed for me, because I
had some trouble creating a new account with My Credit Card. (It
said it already existed in the system, altough it did Not). How the
hell am I suppose to tell my friend to rubb his Credit Card on a
piece of paper (that I can’t print) so I can Fax it to you ( witch I
can’t). If I knew it was this complicated I wouldn’t signed up in
the first place. My friend has an account here, he recommended you
guys. But seriously, what is this??? I want my account without
printing, faxing, and rubbing (sensitive information).

(My friend will NOT let me rubb his card, and he will NOT do that
either. He was sceptic to this site from the beginning, and now to
do that? That aint gonna happen. So either make an a exception, or
give me the money back (to the account) so I can go to another
hosting place where they DONT require print fax rubb.

Can we make a “vent” forum so we don’t have to hear this anymore?

Sorry you’re pissed. Jump the hoops or find another hosting service that works the way you want them to. When it’s your business you can run it your way.

Sorry for being so curt, but you’re not the first or the last but in the future I’m just going to have to filter these out.


i signed up for dreamhost less than 2 weeks ago, i didn’ t have to go through all this. Is it true that you only require the card to be “rubbed” and faxed ?

I think with this new “feature” you will get a lot of unhappy customers but i don’t think your “protection” is rather good because the ones with creditcardnumbers wont be caught and all the rest get a longer and more troublesome registrationprocess.

Well, Im glad just to see that someone actually replies in this matter. I can see that you are “DH Enthusiast”, that means that you probably already signed up before this crap came along. And of course, you will not know how it feels to make these three ridiculous steps just to become a member. Not even NASA requires this crap. I will take my stuff and go to another webhosting site, as I mentioned, but I have to know that no cash was taken from the account. Im NOT pissed of just because of these steps, BUT, because there were NO were mentioned in the sign up forms. That pisses me off!!

You only have to do it if there’s a possibility of fraud. Most people do not have to do it.

In this case, you ARE using a credit card that isn’t yours. Are you really surprised? If your friend is letting you buy stuff with his credit card, then he shouldn’t mind letting you fax a copy of it do Dreamhost. Nice story, though.

Scanning and faxing a credit card is no harder than searching a forum and seeing that there are already several open threads on the subject.

This is why I say the fax thing is GREAT. If this is the type of customer it keeps away, that’s an even bigger plus than preventing fraud.

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One reason it’s NOT mentioned is that for many people it’s not necessary. When the card used doesn’t match the owner of the account… How much more “fraud like” does it have to get before they do something? The proper way to handle “card on file” is to ask them to remove it from their files so that you can use it. (You’d have known this if you’d read the forums. You’d have known that the fax of a rub might happen. All this info was available to you.) Easy Peasy - but now you’ve flagged yourself as fraud candidate. Now the expensive slow process kicks in.

The good news is that the funds should not have been actually removed from your friend’s card. You might find that they’ve been “held” from the card but it should not have been charged.

BUT - as with most questions DH staff are the people to talk to.


I Dont Mind Paying from my OWN Credit Card but DreamHost f***ked it UP so i HAD to use my friends. I do NOT care if that seems suspiscios, and I dont even remotely CARE if i have to change webhost. I just want to make things Clear, did DreamHost take any cash from my friends account? If NO, then I will not NAG. If YES, im sorry, but I can’t do all those steps, print, fax and rubb, and I have explained WHY. I can pay from my credit card, no probs. But Make it WORK this time.

First, no one here cares if you change hosts–so save the threats for someone that does. We’re just a bunch of silly customers that were blessed with the amazing ability to complete an order form.

You got a problem with Dreamhost billing? Then common sense should tell you to contact Dreamhost billing and resolve it.

I’ll give you some free advice: If you calm down and decide to resolve it with DH billing, drop the attitude & threats if you want to make any progress. No one takes that crap seriously.

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I really am sorry that you’re frustrated and that your experience hasn’t been as smooth as it really could/should have been.


One thing I am pretty sure of is that DH will work it out with you one way or another.



The ‘credit-card already is system’ error pops up now and again on the forums. The usual cause is when someone almost completes the sign-up process but some error prevents the transaction going through.

The solution is simple, contact DreamHost explaining the situation and they will remove the offending card from the system. You will then be able to sign-up normally using your own credit-card.

Of-course, there is no guarantee that your own credit-card will not also be subject to a request for a faxed rubbing.


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There’s the problem: It’s Print, Rub, Fax; not Print, Fax, Rub. :slight_smile:

Ready, shoot, aim!

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You had me totally confused for a minute or two, until I spotted the thread topic, well spotted :slight_smile:


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