Primary site faster than subsequent: shared hosting?


I have several wordpress sites on a shared hosting account. According to my primary domain page generation and fetch times are about ten times faster than my subsequent sites, all of which are essentially identically configured and have very light content.

I am seeing the same thing with my other sites hosted on the Media Temple Grid: the primary site has a page generation time of 38ms, and my other site about 736ms. Both are wordpress, both use W3 total cache, one has almost twenty times faster generation and fetch times… is this an effect of hosting multiple sites on one account, or something else?


Are you sure you’re posting to the right forum? DreamHost is not related to MediaTemple.

Or are you saying that ALL your sites, no matter the host, have the same problem.

Sorry, I didn’t make that more clear. Yes, I’m saying that I see a speed difference in my secondary, etc., sites on Dreamhost, and that I see the same phenomena on my Media Temple hosted sites.


DreamHost doesn’t make a distinction between “primary” and “secondary” domains hosted on an account — the only thing that’s special about the domain you sign up with is that it’s automatically registered and added to your account. If you’re seeing any difference in speed between different sites you have hosted with us, there must be something different about the software, configuration, or data on those sites that’s making the difference.