Price of Unlimited Shared Monthly hosting?



I see that shared unlimited monthly hosting is $10.xx/mo right now when connected to coupon “595Jan19”. Question, is this the normal price, even after renewal? Or is this a special price that will go up at one time? Can’t tell if the coupon applies to the actual monthly hosting or registering a domain name.

Please advise, thanks!

EDIT: Also, does DreamHost not have a support number?



The promotional price for this plan is with our one year plan billed at $71.40. After the first year it is billed at $119.40. It is a one time discount.

The domain registration is free with the unlimited shared plan for the first year with the promotional price and without as long as you select the yearly option.

The regular month to month price is always $10.95. The discount does not apply to monthly plans only yearly ones.

We do not have a call in number but w would be happy to call you back. Please send us a message to with your name and number and a best call time and one of our agents will be in touch with you.



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