Preventing an Outgoing Link

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One of my domains uses bbPress. I would like to prevent outgoing links to certain domains. Basically, if anybody posts a link to a certain domain, it would redirect elsewhere, or perhaps to a special page that I set up.

I assume this is possible with htaccess, but I’m not sure. Can anybody offer some advice?


You might need to take a look at (if any) the filter settings for bbpress.

I.E. normal use of filters for bad words like $(*&^, but in your case the “bad” word might be “” that would be changed to “” by the forum filtering software.


I’m not familiar with what you’re using, but maybe you could find an easy solution if you thought of it more as a word filter?

Then you could just add domains or keywords to a censored list.

I’d imagine that most things that don’t have word sensors built in would probably have a plug-in that would do it.

If you do a redirect of some sort, I’d make sure it goes to a page that explains what just happened. You don’t want someone to thing sleazy-spammy-child-porn-site.scum really redirects to a site you’re associated with.

Personally, I’d avoid the whole redirect thing anyway and just censor it by either modifying or deleting the offending content.

Even if you do redirect, I’d imagine the way to do it would still be rewriting the link when it’s added. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to capture all clicks with Javascript to do anything with an unmodified link.

Another option (maybe) if there’s not a whole lot of link-posting, traffic, etc… would be looking into some sort of anti-spam plug-in that holds comments for moderation if there’s a link in it.

I think another advantage to scanning keywords, instead of just links, would be to catch people trying to bypass the filter with stuff like www . example . com or example [dot] com, etc…

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