Pretty disappointed - New VPS user

Just signed up for a new VPS account Sunday to host a couple wordpress sites, and just some general image hosting for some very small pictures on another website.

Have experienced long periods of “site not available” from both FTP and the web using my domain name (that I just transferred over). Server usage is low, and I have not even peaked over 200mb yet.

Rebooting the server seems to fix it for a while, but the server still seems to be inaccessible for long periods of time.

Have sent two tickets to support (1 yesterday, and a mayday earlier today), and have heard nothing.

I have been a loyal Dreamhost customer for years on my personal shared account, but I am definitely having second thoughts about them now. Its sad to see so many stories on the net are true. I cant host my business with a company that does not respond to support requests at all.

Has support always been this bad? (never had a reason to use them over the many years on the shared side). Could I just have a flaky VPS?

Since you are already a VPS customer, LiveChat support should be available to you, so they can fix your problem fast. I’ve been using that feature ever since I upgraded. Here’s how you can access it:

If you can provide a domain name or a support ticket number, I’d be happy to check on the status of your tickets, and look into this for you. Thanks!