PrestaShop and DreamHost

Hello, I am installing a PrestaShop e-commerce store on my DreamHost server, and wanted to know if there’s anything I should know about compatibility between the two?

Also, the installer for PrestaShop requires the following to be true:


PHP settings (modify via your PHP admin software):

  • PHP 5.0 or later is installed
  • Allowed to upload files
  • Allowed to create new files and folders
  • GD Library is installed
  • MySQL support is on

PHP settings (modify via your PHP admin software):

  • Allowed to open external URLs
  • PHP register global option is off (recommended)
  • GZIP compression is on (recommended)


Are those already set like that by default on a DreamHost account, and if not - how and where do I change them / see their status?

Yes, they are the default settings at DreamHost.

Please do us all a favour and delete your duplicate posts in the other sections :wink:

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