Premium Domain?

I was wondering if its possible to use a premium domain without transfering it to dreamhost? Can I just change the name servers and add it some where? How do I do it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

It can be done:

You can skip the parts about transferring your registration, though, including the Domain Transfer Checklist.


I already have a domain with dreamhost, and hosting, but my friend wants me to host his site for him. He doesnt want to transfer his registration though. I read that page you gave me, but Im still a little confused. Can you help me?

  1. Have your friend go to his registrar and set the Name Servers (DNS) for his domain to, ns2…, ns3…

  2. Create a Fully Hosted Domain for that domain and upload his files. As soon as DNS propagates, his site here will go live.

If he will be administering his domain, make sure you create a New User when you create his domain here. That will give him his own FTP access to his domain. Heck, create a New User, regardless, even if you’ll be uploading the files. That way if he wants access, you can give him the FTP username and password.


Do make sure he understands the Terms of Service. You’ll be held accountable for him following them.

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Is there any way for it to only show his folder when he connects to the FTP? He said he can see all of my folders and files.

It sounds like you didn’t create a New User for him. Is he using your FTP login and password? All he should see is a logs directory, and a folder.


You can create a new user for him by going in the panel to the Users > Manage Users section, and you can create a new user for him there. Please note that different users will not be able to see each others files, so your files should be safe.

You can read more about it in the wiki here:

I got everything working for his site now. I still have one question. How do I create my own name servers? I read a post about this, but i was still wasn’t sure how to do it.

I added NS (Name Server) records to the DNS for my domain under the Manage Domains option. I added, ns2, and ns3. For their Values, I put in, ns2, and ns3. For confirmation, it asked for the IP addresses:
ns1 =
ns2 =
ns3 =

And then I updated the WHOIS info for my domain under Registrations with the new nameservers.


will other people be able to use my custom name servers to use their domain with my hosting?
Also, how do I limit the amount of bandwidth a person can use?

I’m not clear on the first question. If you create nameservers called that you use for, you can also use it for Since it’s really, it’ll work for anything hosted here.

I used to be able to limit bandwidth, but now I can’t find that option. I think it used to be under Status -> Bandwidth, and there was an Edit button. The wiki says the same, but I think something’ changed.