Pre-Sales Questions

  1. Does DreamHost offer any type of forum software, something similar to vBulletin or this forum? Open source is fine/better. If not, could I install vBulletin?

  2. My ISP (Verizon DSL) blocks outgoing SMTP traffic. My current provider allows outgoing mail through a non-standard port. Does DreamHost do the same?

  3. I have multiple domains (, etc…) pointing to the same web site. Is there any extra charge for doing that on DreamHost?



DreamHost offers an one-click install of phpBB but you could always purchase and install vBulletin on your own.

I’m in the same situation, my ISP is Earthlink/Covad and they also block port 25 for SMTP. DreamHost offers an alternitive port for SMTP, port 587.

If you just want to redirect then you can redirect unlimited domains and it won’t count against your allowed domains.

If you set it to mirror the domain, e-mail, subdomains (you have to set those up manually but I do for one of my domains) but that’s why DreamHost’s basic plan includes 3 full domains.

Re the domains - I signed up and moved a domain over from Godaddy (due to a hassle with their email filtering - don’t get me going). I signed up, uploaded my site, and then pointed the existing domain to the dreamhost nameservers.

Since then I added a second site with the included 1 free domain reg. and it’s up at no extra charge. I still have a third domain that I can host as part of the deal, but I guess I will have to pay for the domain name itself.

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Yes, but you can purchase it from godaddy and point it here too.

This is helpful. I’ve never had more than one domain, so hopefully I can do something similar. I already have a website on 1and1 ( I’d like to move to something more reliable, so I’m definitely going to invest in a 3-domain Dreamhost account. Does the following plan work?

  1. Set up a new domain (maybe or as a site for my wife and me) intially for free with DreamHost. I’d also like to start rebuilding, say on I can point this to a separate part of my Dreamhosted space, like /zep, right? This way, It will basically look like I have two separate websites.
  2. When I’ve prepared the dreamhosters page as I like it, I’ll transfer to point to the /zep section (keeping the domain with my old registrar until it expires).
  3. Then I can get rid of the dreamhosters domain. In the end, I’ll have (or with its unique content, and, much like the way it is now, but on DreamHost.

It seems like the transfer hosting kbase article supports what I’d like to do. Looks like I can do it pretty easily according to the using SSH to transfer kbase. Can anyone confirm that the process I’d like to follow will work?

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I read your post a few times and I think I see what you are trying to do. That should work. Make sure you keep the important domain’s registration alive even if the hosting account expires on the old hosting service.

Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.

Excellent. Yes, I’ll be sure to keep the domain registered.

Looks like I’ll be signing up soon. Just got to decide on the right domain name!

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