Pre-sales question


hey guys,

thinking of signup, but i was wondering how dreamhost is at hosting multiple domains, and having different managers for each.

i currently host my sister’s website on a different host (with the rest of my stuff), and she essentially has an independent account that is a sub-user of mine. however she can login, control her domain (if she cared to), etc. of course, i also can do that on her behalf, too.

how can i set that up with dreamhost? can i give a subuser the right to add domains, manage dns for just one domain (don’t want her messing up mine), etc.?



You can definitely set up separate users and have your sister manage her sites and you manage your sites.

AFAIK, though, you can’t grant specific privileges for your sister to create new domains and subdomains and host those without granting the privilege to manage all domains.

You’ll find the Account Privileges wiki page to be a useful description of what privileges you can assign to specific users!

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Yep! You certainly can!

For example, I’m the main user on my account but I share it with four of my friends who all have their own domains and control over them. And of course, as the main user I can login and see everything.

This is easily setup in the control panel, and if you are interested in reading more check out


It seems I was beat to the response…


You will be lucky next time.

There is nothing for me to add. Here is link of DH control panel. Hope OP will get a rough ideas of what he can do in DH

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