Pre sales Question - Can you migrate my website?


I’m planning to order your 3 year plan but have some questions first:

  1. Can you migrate the website of my cleaning company from the current hosting (Godaddy)?.

  2. If I’m not satisfied from your hosting can I cancel ( lets say after 2 -3 months)? I mean if I sign up for 3 years plan.

  3. Finally can you guarantee that I will not loose any customers because of your servers downtime?

I’m not dreamhost staff, but in my experiences after 7 years using dreamhost, i can suggest you the answer would be:

1, They can help you to transfer from old to new, but you should do it yourself.
2, Dreamhost have 97 days money back (that mean over 3 months), and even if you do not happy in the middle of range (for example 3 years and after 1 year, you do not happy, you can ask theme to cancel)
3, Dreamhost do not control or related to your marketing process so, i guess no, they dont. But they guarantee the uptime is 100%. In 7 years i use, exactly it’s not 100% but they fix it fast, down time is not more than 30 minutes maximum. Downtime here mean server downtime.

Good decision to move from Godaddy. They used to be OK but now they’re one of the worst. Definitely not the place for a business site.

Dreamhost is a very good place to host your business site. I’ve hosted here for years and have seen no downtime at all.

I agree with the above suggestion to move your site yourself. Leave your site running at Godaddy while you upload your files to Dreamhost and get everything set up… then point your DNS to Dreamhost and cancel service with Godaddy - no downtime.

Sure, you can move hosting without any downtime by changing your host file to check if the new hosting working well before you change your dns.