Pre sale signup question - dreamhost


after checking shared hosting like fatcow, ipage and other websites i want to signup on dreamhost.

i need promo discount codes and have some question.


  1. how many concurrent mysql connections do you provide in shared hosting for a single website ?
  2. how many concurrent server connections do you provide in shared hosting for a single website ?

Do you migrate websites from old hosting provider to yours hosting account after i signup ?

I am hosted on hostgator and having cpanel hosting.

Please let me know quickly.


if your looking for the largest dollar discount feel free to use “TAKE97NOW”, if you want the best value over multiple years and need dedicated IPs then use “MAXIPS” which gives you 3 dedicated IPs free for the life of your account (about $130 per year in savings for the life of the account).

what is the catch in multiple years.

How many concurrent users will i have if i sign up for multiple years and dedicated ips ?

Please suggest me the best and please answer to my question.

I just tried to signup using promo code take97now but it showed $0 off

check out the screenshot

any other working promo codes ?

Use sXi’s: MAXCASH

looks like mine is broken for 2 year sign-ups, I’ll open a ticket. (in the panel it shows 1 yr $97, 2 yr $0)

Working as intended. The creator of that promo code really did configure it to give $97 off for one-year signups and nothing at all for two-year signups.

Why? Beats me. But that’s how they set it up.

It’s my code, and it didn’t used to be that way! I was hoping support would fix it, but they said they can’t, so I’ll have to configure some other easy to remember/easy to type code, problem is they’re all taken =]

give me 2 years code lakerat!

From my take on it, any cashback promocode is only applicable on the first year anyway - otherwise you’d get $3/year hosting for life which is obviously unattainable. The best plans really are like LakeRat suggests - those that offer ongoing bonuses forever - like extra domains and IPs, etc.

If you are considering hosting a website that may use SSL in the future, I’d suggest using one that includes a free IP for life.

I did re-create my all cash promo code last night. BONUS97OFF should work for 1 or 2 years.

i dont know about question 1 & 2 but im pretty sure they dont migrate for you. if its plain htmlcssjs and not a web application or something youbuilt with browser based website builder its just a matter of copying over the stuff and telling apache and dns what to serve (through the web panel). copying the stuff requires you to use ssh/scp and terminal commands.

ok looking forward signing up on dreamhost.

i am moving from hostgator.

do i get free domain for life with the promo code ? i am interested for 2 years hosting using promo code.

please urgent reply.

Yes, all hosting packages include 1 free domain regardless of promo code used. Promocodes can up that from 1 to more than one, but with less cash discount upfront.

i just heard promo codes are not available for country india, is that true ? i am genuine customer.
BONUS97OFF is not working
also billing for $3.95/month for lifetime is there ?

please reply urgently.

My promo code is not as good as the 3.95 / month code dreamhost is using at the moment.

You can’t combine promos

abbas, I don’t know why the promo code wouldn’t work no matter where you are.

You should contact sales directly via this form to ask for sure:

Hi Abbas,

I apologize for the delayed response to your other questions.

  1. Mysql connections are 30, 2) A single IP can connect to a site up to 20 times concurrently, and an FTP/shell user maxes out at 10 concurrent connections, which can also be killed off from Users > Manage Users > “Kill FTP Connections” in the web panel.

We do have a cPanel importer that we’ve built to help migrate your sites to us from any web host that uses cPanel. Please see for more information:

If you have trouble with our cPanel importer you can reach support directly with details. Alternatively, you can follow these to transfer your sites manually:

Let me know if you have any other questions

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

someone from sales told me that dreamhost are not accepting promo codes for customers who are from country india.

i have decided to stay with hostgator.