Pre-sale questions

I have two .com domains registered with RegisterFly. I want to keep the domains with RegisterFly but I want to buy an hosting plan from DH (Crazy Domain Insane!) and I have some questions.

  1. Can I host the two domain with only one plan? Note they are entierly different sites.

  2. The 120 GB monthly limit leads to a 4 GB daily limit?

  3. With the Crazy Domain Insane! Plan I have not “Custom DNS”. What does it means? Probably I will not allowed to directly customize DNS with the control panel but can I edit a, cname and mx records with a support ticket?

  4. It’s very important that my site can be surfed in China. Are Dreamhost server banned in China?

  5. what are the advantages to have a unique ip address?

  6. Are DH hosted sites slow when viewed from Europe?

  7. On Wordpress site I’ve read “With DreamHost we recommend running PHP as CGI”. Please comment…

many thanks


While I can’t answer all of your questions, here are some that I can:

  1. You can host up to three different domains under the Crazy Domain Insane! plan.

  2. I believe it is just the 120 GB limit for the entire month that is calculated; how it varies from day to day doesn’t matter.

  3. A primary reason I switched to Dreamhost was because their servers are not banned in China, while my previous host was. I would recommend Dreamhost if this is a problem you’ve had in the past.

Hope this helps.


  1. yes, you should be able to. As I can really DH lets you park 3 domains with that plan.

  2. it’s not necessarly a 4gb daily limit, if you had an extremly popular site you could use up all 120 in one day. It’s a monthly limit. You can set up Bandwidth throttling so you don’t exceede that limit.

  3. I believe you do get custom DNS, someone lese please correct me if I’m wrong. You can’t edit entries, but you can create new ones. And support should be able to help you out with this if if you need.

  4. -6. I’m not familiar with

  5. That’s the defult setting for domains set up on DH. It doesn’t effect funtionality of most other things. Some poeple with post nuke have some issues, but besides from that I don’t think there are any issues. Wordpress works very well, and it’s very easy to install with the one click install.

And on a side note, I think that the good DH people need to take a basic math course, becuase it takes more than one click to do the install. But it’s still very very easy to do it!


Many thanks to all :slight_smile:

I have another question about hosting 2 or 3 domains with one account. Let’s say I have two differents sites: and
what happen in the directory structure when they share the same account ?


If you set up each doamin to run under the same user, when you FTP into your accont you’ll see and You’ll see the names of the domains you have set up. this directory is like the public-html directory.

So they will be entirly seperate and have no relation to eachother.


very good !
but with the additional domains I have other mail or only alias?

you get some crazy number of E-mail address with that plan, loike 600 or something. You can set up thoes however you want - as and and …

Each domain you set up with DH is special. You can set up completly different domain, speerate E-mails or forwarding only, databases. Each domain you set up basically has no relation to any of the others. You can even set up each domain to be hooked up with a different user, so you’ll have seperate FTP login and everything.


…without any setup fee or monthly charge for the additional domains…