Pre-Sale Question Urgent

Hi All,

My Hosting Requirements :

I have over 60gb files
More then 10 domains
Receive more then 200 concurrent connections
Can afford under $10/month

Please suggest me good package on dreamhost as soon as possible.

Also want to know if you migrate websites from old host to new host ?

Under $10/month will limit you to a DreamHost shared hosting account (a VPS account starts at $15/month). 10 domains and 60 GB of files would be fine there, but 200 concurrent connections may cause problems if it’s happening on a frequent basis.

We do offer a migration tool for importing data from cPanel hosts.

i also need

unlimited bandwidth
ssh access

what do you mean by frequent basis ? are you staff of dreamhost can i ask you question on chat or any messenger you say ?[hr]
at the moment i am receiving 70 to 80 concurrent users on my website and i am interested in shared hosting. The reason i am asking for ssh because i dont have cpanel and files are above 60 gb.

please suggest me what to be done ? my budget under $10/month[hr]
will i be able to use scp command through ssh for backing up files from old host to dreamhost ?

As soon as you dropped the 70 to 80 concurrent user scenario into the mix, you likely succeeded the limits of shared by a considerable margin. With all those files, are you offering downloads?

Yes my website is religious and i provide religious audio and video so do you provide ssh access and can i use scp command from ssh ?

All your questions have answers there.

I think it partly depends on how you are serving the files. If you are streaming them or even sending them via a script, that would be a lot of overhead for ~100 concurrent connections. If they are just straight downloads via direct links from static or cached dynamic pages, you might get away with it.