Pre-Order Question

I am interested to order a hosting with you, by hosting a $ 2.95 per month.
Before proceeding with the order, I need to ask you questions.

  1. There is a limit of file size for uploading via FTP? I am a developer and I need to load setup file of my programs from 50-75 MB.
  2. There are limits on queries for the database?
  3. $ 2.95 per month is only the first year? Or even in case of renewal?

Thanks for the replies.
Soon after I register the hosting.


  1. I use SFTP, which is more robust, and I’ve uploaded 100M files on regular occasion.

  2. There are reasonable limits on queries to your database.

  3. Yep, any discount is for the first year only, and then it goes up to about $9.95/mo, depending on the length of your renewal term. Discounts apply for longer renewal terms paid up front.