Pre-install questions about Wordpress

Hi, I’ve been thinking about installing Wordpress. The following are questions I’ve not found answers to by web-searching or here or even on the wordpress site.

  1. I’d like my site to have no external dependencies. With a default WP install - assuming no plugins, advertising, themes etc. - will pages be retrieving anything from Google,, or other external domains?

  2. Is it possible to change the CSS, layout, etc. without having to install 3rd party themes?

  3. Can it be installed entirely in a subdirectory so that the site index page is unaffected?

Thanks in advance for any info.


  1. WordPress does check for updates (it does not automatically install the updates), but you can turn that off, although it is recommended to keep your WordPress updated.
  2. Sure.
  3. Yes

Thanks sierracircle.

The update checks are from the server, correct? Not from pages served to users? I just want to respect visitors by not enabling third parties to track my users across the web.

( BTW I have found a few anti-features and info leakages but they are not deal-breakers: , , )

Finally one more question, the security model, if I would like one blog post to appear for everyone but another blog post to appear for only certain users - does WP have a way to do this?

The WP updates don’t track users. There is no USER tracking (except if you log in) in WP. The closest you get would be the cookies it leaves on your browser when you visit.

The ‘leakage’ is leaking your server info, and admin account info, not the visitors :slight_smile:

You can use plugins to hide content from certain user types. Are you thinking hiding from logged in vs not logged in, or different membership levels?

Thanks for info!

Multiple levels. Like:
Not logged in: item “A” is written into the page that is served
Logged in, basic auths: user gets items A and B on the page
Logged in, special: user gets A, B and C in the page


Item the third will complicated and depends on what membership plugin you use to designate ‘special’. If you just use WP’s built in roles, then it’s not so terrible. The last time I did this, I used these directions: