Praise for DH

Hi all. I recently left my old host, Startlogic (owned, as I later discovered, by ipowerweb) due to excessive timeouts/outages. I was very disappointed with the service and support.

Since being with DH, I have had a few rare outages, due to the mySql server not responding. This caused me some concern, but it since has gotten better and I have not noticed it lately.

I run a blog, and my main concern was what would happen if, all of a sudden, I had a huge increase in server demand (i.e. a link featured on Instapundit or Drudge). A polital/newsblog’s traffic demand can go from 0 to 60 in nothing flat.

Well, guess what? In less than a month after moving my site to DH - it happened! I was Instalanched two days ago. All of a sudden my site received thousands of hits. I had posted audio files as well and DH kept up with the demand. I went from using about 30 meg. of bandwidth a day to needing about 1 gig. in a day.

The real test will come if I ever get a Drudge link. My site stayed up and this boosted my confidence in DH. I am very happy. Thanks to DH., you passed the test with flying colors.

Hi Jeff, nice to hear.

Your site loads exceptionally fast…for all that info on it. I am impressed!