Practical limits on disk/database size: 250 GB possible?

One of the great things about DreamHost is their liberal resource limits. Of course, infinity doesn’t exist in the realistic definition of unlimited, but I wanted to check before embarking on a small project.

Essentially, I’m interested in hosting a publicly searchable version of Google’s Web 1T 5-gram Version 1 data set. After indexing, it would require about 250 GB of disk space using SQLite and I assume roughly the same amount of database space if put into MySQL.

Would this be pushing the limits for a shared server? I really doubt I could do this without raising eyebrows or hitting some physical limit, but it’s worth asking.

I like the concept, but this would require significantly more storage than is available on either shared or VPS MySQL. You would need a dedicated server to host this.

I suspected that would be the case. I’d be astonished if it were possible on shared, but there’s no harm in asking.