POWER SEEK Script :-(

Hello all, it is sad that my 1st post here is about a trouble.

I manage a non profit Org helping poor children in South american jungle.
We received as a donation from focalmedia.net the PowerSeek script so I have the task to install this but it seems like I wont go far, I tried in another hosting Co but apparently his MySQL was an old version so could have installed this after all. The I was suggested DreamHost so here I´m, but then I realize that:
we have no cgi-bin folder, OK they say simply name one like that the “system” will recognize that as scripts etc etc.
but after uploading the script and giving the permissions I run:
http://www.my domain.com/cgi-bin/admin/setup.cgi
but get an error saying:
Not Found
The requested URL /cgi-bin/cgi/admin/setup.cgi was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Only if I move to my domain public folder the link will work, but the cgi-bin files Are not public so if I got o my domain I see the cgi-bin and all but I can not install this in my Public html can i?
but all this as for the cgi-bin folder Not working as promised. also the Control panel appear to be very different so I have no way to install this and kids projects and spected help is all delayed due to this.

Can you give some advice please?


I’m not familiar with the script in question, but I’m guess that the error lies with the directory path you provided.

I think that you’re saying that you have set up a a CGI bin in your home directory - so that the files are not publicly accessable, yes? If that’s the case, your script will probably be looking for a server path for "/cgi-bin/cgi/admin/setup.cgi"
If this is all true, your path should look something like /home/username/cgi-bin/cgi/admin/setup.cgi

On a side note, you’re right - there’s no cgi bin required. The webserver (apache) has the job of deciding what files are html, cgi, php, etc. Basically, it looks at the extension of the file, “sees” whatever.cgi and says, “ok - I need to parse this CGI file”. This accomplishes the exact same thing as a cgi bin, without requiring your to put all of your cgi scripts into one folder.

As to the question of needing to have your cgi-bin not public accessable, that’s a decision you need to make based on the script and the kind of security you need. For many scripts, it just fine to have your cgi files be in the public accessable area, and my guess is that the same goes for you.