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Hi there,

I am a potential customer of DreamHost, however, as I am new to web hosting in general, i’m not entirely sure about the ups and downs of this company.

I wish to host the website of an upcoming rapper and therefore fairly large quantities of media, including audio and video (of which copyrights will obviously not be an issue) will be uploaded. I suspect 1TB of bandwidth is clearly more than enough, however, how much of this bandwidth can really be used by the website without being deemed excessive? Is the service actually reliable, or would I be better of looking elsewhere for more costly hosting (money isn’t really an issue at the moment)? If so, are there any recommendations?

Again, although the website will chew up a fair amount of diskspace and bandwidth, there will certainly be trouble even reaching half the allocated bandwidth and therefore technically, I shouldn’t experience any difficulties, or should I?


-Jason G.

If money isn’t an issue, go with one of DH’s dedicated servers. You get more bandwidth and space and you don’t have to worry about a high traffic site degrading service for other users. If you still want to go with the shared-hosting, there is the option of throttling your media section once it approaches so much bandwidth usage. This way your site won’t go over the alloated amount. DH does not disable your site for going over but you will be hit with charges.

Since you are fairly new to web hosting one assumes that includes actually making sites. I suggest you look into using CMS to power your website (drupal, joomla, etc). DH has a one-click install of joomla. http://opensourcecms.com has a live demo section that you might want to check out. Go to the portal section and look around. This is much better solution than just making static pages and you would be able to administer your content more efficiently (and charge for it if you wanted to).

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I think DH is not offering dedicated servers at the moment. Check with them and if not then maybe rackforce.com


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There’s really no danger of ANYONE ever exceeding 1TB transfer unless you were running a really high profile website, like millions of hits per month. Do the math - it works out at a continuous load of 3Mbps for the entire month.

If your site is built with scripting stuff like PHP, Perl etc. then a very heavy load will max out its mySQL or CPU allocation long before the bandwidth is exceeded. I think it would be hard to predict in advance if you’ll have a problem with that but since most of your bandwidth would be eaten up by media downloads I doubt it CPU/SQL usage would be a big problem. Probably the best way is to play it by ear and move to a dedicated server if it becomes a problem see http://www.dreamhost.com/dedicated/

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I think DH is not offering dedicated servers at the moment. [/quote]
That’s correct. There’s a recent thread here where someone posted that DH’s dedicated sales are on hold until April.

You could always go with a shared hosting plan first and see how it goes. It’s no problem upgrading plans here, plus if you move to a dedicated later, they have the same panel that you’ll be used to from the shared hosting.

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