Potential customer, questions first


I have a website set up but the forums do not run well. They eithe run quickly or they run slow as molasses, when the rest of the site runs just fine.

A friend has recommended this hosting, but I have some questions.

Would there be any problem transferring my existing forums over to this one? They are phpbb 2.0.18

We will soon be upgrading to vb. Do you support this?

Are the numbers of mysql db’s really unlimitted?


If you are running phpbb all you would have to do is download the files and upload them here. Do a full database backup.

You should only have to change one “config.php” to the new database information.

You can run vb, keep in mind that it is a little more resource intensive and if you’re board has a lot of traffic and is hogging resources you might be asked to cut down on CPU usage or move to a dedicated server.

Well nothing is unlimited! I have about 35 and it isn’t or hasn’t been a problem so you should be fine.

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