Potential customer - Bandwidth question

I read somewhere that you’ll never get close to the “bandwidth” limit advertised because they’ll cut you off when you get too high. Is this true?

Because if I sign up, and on the off chance my site generates a lot of traffic, I want to be sure that Dreamhost will let me hit the 1TB monthly bandwidth (L1 Crazy
Domain Insane!) that I’m paying for.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

It probably depends on how you’re using it. Using up system resources would probably be a problem before the bandwidth issue, especially with a poorly coded dynamic site.

There’s a 97-day money-back guarantee period, so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

If you get kicked from here, it’s probably time for a dedicated server – especially if you’ve already bounced from a few shared accounts for using up system resources.

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You could always buy extra BandWidth at $1 per 1GB per month :slight_smile:


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Thread creator here, had to register as there wasn’t a reply button…

Anyway, this will be my first time with a web host. I just want to know if I will get the full bandwidth as advertised (with no other issues such as using up system resources), and not get cut off before I reach the limit.

And could someone please explain to me what would cause a site to use up system resources? Assuming all I’m having is PHP/HTML pages, couple MySQL databases, and a forum. None will have excessive images as part of the layout/template.

If you don’t already have a super-huge traffic site, you probably won’t have any problems here or anywhere else – unless you did something to break the TOS like distribute pirated software, copyrighted material, etc.

That’s impossible to say, because it really depends on what you’re going to be doing with it.

Think of bandwidth & resources like years & mileage with a car warranty. If you have a 5 year/50,000 warranty, that warranty ends in 5 years, even if you only drove a mile. On the other hand, if you put 50,000 miles on in 2 years, you just shortened your 5 year warranty by 3 years.

Poorly coded scripts and database queries can cause problems with a high traffic site.

By itself, it’s not a problem. You could have a slow bloated site with no traffic and not notice a problem… unless you get slashdotted/digged/etc. Some scripts also have caching options or plug-ins to lighten the load.

If you have something that isn’t going to be regularly updated, but will get flooded with traffic, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make that part of the site static HTML.

Some people will do that if they have a single article that’s getting hammered.

Like I said though, if you’re new to hosting & don’t have an established web site, you’re probably not going to use even 1% of what’s available. I’d guess that a very high percentage of DH users are using less than 1% of their available space & bandwidth.

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Run while you still can!!

The bandwith and disk space are great, but the service is a real horror. Check out this article before you think about service:


That’s his site, which is over a year old. He just wants to spam his referral links and DH promo code that are on the site.

I know it was hard to tell that he’s a spammer by his well-written, very helpful post–but it’s true.

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as others have said, you probably won’t touch the bandwith provided by most webhosts these days…although, you did mention the word “forum” and depending on how many users you have on this “forum” at any given time, that could sap up some bandwith and possibly in a big way if you have enough regular posters to be considered a “community”…it isn’t the posting of topics or thread replies that can chew the bandwith, it is posters that continuously refresh the site to see if any new topics have been posted while they are still online or since their last post.