PostNuke Install Problem? Please Help

during my install after i enter in my database username and pw and ect. i get an error saying

No database made. Unable to make nuke_autolinks

I already have my database made, and the file nuke_autolinks is also in there. Does anyone know what the probably might be?

Thanks in advance.

If the database and/or tables have already been created previously, it will display “no database made…” or “unable to make SomeTableName…” on subsequent creation attempts (ie, when trying to install PostNuke again…) It just means that the install script did not re-create this database and/or table, since it was already found.

If those tables are there because you already tried to install PostNuke previously, just delete them if they are holding no important information. Then retry the install process for PostNuke.

NOTE: if you have a bad install at any point, it’s advisable to start over with a new browser so that any “hanging” variables are purged.

Hope that helps…

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