Postnuke - fatal error

I use Postnuke .750 and an error has just popped up yesterday when trying to log in.

Whilst logging in, you get an error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function Execute() on a non-object in /home/.flopsy/fulhamusa/ on line 368

And then you are redirected to the user.php page with out being logged in.

Has Dreamhost upgraded their php and its no longer compatable with the .750 version of postnuke?

I’m a php newbie so any help would be greatly appreciated.


To answer the first part of your question; DreamHost is currently rolling out PHP version 5.2.0 across their servers.

As to whether this update would cause your Postnuke error; There are reports of the PHP update causing issues with other scripts, but I haven’t seen anything specific to Postnuke.


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Such a thing is possible. DH has been rolling out PHP 5.2 on many server over the last few days, and I suppose that could have happened to your server and it might have ramifications for something in PostNuke.

Have you run a phpinfo() program to confirm what version of PHP your server is now running?


A little more info: If your server is in fact running php 5.2, there is a known issue that produces the results you are seeing.

The details, and a fix, are available on the Postnuke Forums. :slight_smile: