Postmaster accounts


I saw something when I checked my email settings - I should have a postmaster account for each domain. Is that right? do I need to set them up or are they built in somewhere?

Walter Logeman


Yes, you probably should have a postmaster account and, just like the message in the web panel says, if you do not have one “some domains may not accept email from you.”

That’s why DreamHost put that note on that page. :wink:

You have to set them up, and you can do it in the same page where you saw that note. It doesn’t have to be a full mailbox; you can make it a forwarding only email address that forwards to one of your existing mailboxes if you like (or you can make it a full mailbox - the choice is yours).



I’ve set up my “postmaster” and “abuse” addresses to delete with bounce. You can create a Garbage account in the panel that does the same thing.



Yep! That’ll work too! :slight_smile: