Posting images-Photos not showing up

Photos not showing up

Okay its probably an idiot problem, but I am new at this. I just posted my first site (5 pages) via FTP. However, only half of my images show up. When I was working on them in the IE browser all the images are there. Right now I have all my images in a folder under my domain or home name. Any suggestions?

This would be a lot easier to answer, if you post a link to your new website.

Without viewing the page, my guess would be inconsistent use of capital letters or/and spaces in the filename.

Unix servers treat capital letters and lower-case letters as two different letters, while Windows systems treat them as synonyms. Maybe this is your problem?

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I tried going back and taking out all the spaces in the image file names and still nothing.

The website is:


right, looks like the error lies with spaces in your images. Linux doesn’t like file names with spaces. What you’ll need to do is rename your image files so they all_one_word, re-upload the images. And update your webpage to reflect the new image names.

One other thing I noticed is that you have some of your images linked to a folder called “Photos” becuase the linux enviroment is caSeSensitiVe, you’ll want to make sure that the folder is actually capatilazed on your server.

Hope this helps


Actually its HTML and URLs that doen’t like spaces in filenames and they need to be escaped. Spaces are used as attribute delimiters in HTML, and URLs cannot contain unescpaed whitespace either.

When I checked he had it spelled correctly. When someone says images show up in Internet Explorer, they are problably using Windows. And on that platform, \ and / are both directory separators in path names. He needs to change “Photos\tree button copy.jpg” to “Photos/tree%20button%20copy.jpg”

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Okay, I am making progress. I went through and made sure everything was lowercase (good to know) and deleted all the spaces. I got more images to upload but I am still having problems with some of the images. There are two on the index page that will not load, three on the specialty works and three on the about us. I bet it all the same problem. I tried changing / to \ and looked over the code and its congruent with all the other photos that posted. What am I overlooking?

Thanks! Your guys have been a great help thus far!

Logo: the file on the server is called circlelogo.JPG. Rename it to circlelogo.jpg
Specialty: the file on the server is called swrkbttn.JPG. Rename it to swrkbttn.jpg

Same problem on the specialty page. Make sure the extension is .jpg and not .JPG. On unix system there’s a difference.

It would be most correct to use a forward slash (/) in your image urls like “photos/circlelogo.jpg”, but I think most browsers will be able to handle both, so concentrate on the other mistakes first.

Best of luck,

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That is more misinformation.

Browsers can access content either locally or over a network.

When accessing content locally, they may be able to use the local filesystem naming conventions.
Thus people using Windows accessing content in a browser locally can use “C:\path\file name”

However when accessing content over a network using HTTP, etc, they must use the URL format.
The URL format says that / is the directory separator and that whitespace must be escaped.
Thus everyone must use “http://hostname/path/file%20name

In fact Internet Explorer realizes that trying to access “http://hostname\filename” is not proper and automatically corrects it for you. This is what happens:

  1. User types in link to “http://hostname\index.html”
  2. Internet Explorer changes Address bar to “http://hostname\index.html”
  3. Internet Explorer sends proper HTTP request headers:

GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 Accept: */* Accept-Language: en-us Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; .NET CLR 1.0.3705) Host: openvein Connection: Keep-Alive Cache-Control: no-cachePeople who do not know that software designed for Microsoft Windows platform can generate HTML with local filesystem paths that are incompatible with the Web experience problems with images not showing up.

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