Posting emails without getting spammed

what is the best way to have an email contact on a web page that allows real users to email me, but doesn’t allow spammers to scan my page, pull out the email address, and then spam me (like they do now?)


The “best” way depends on what your legitimate visitors will put up with.

You can try obfuscation, like nobody at, or CSS positioning or images

Or JavaScript, such as decoding strings.

Or a form page, asking the visitor to do something, like captchas and iq tests.

And theres HTTP authentication, ask the visitor to provide a username/password.

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Depending on how your page is coded, there are different ways. For example, with a WordPress site, there are several “Contact” plug-ins that provide a form on your site so people can contact you without spammers retrieving your address.

I’d also look at the message before mine for other ideas.

At my various sites, we use different methods. The Contact Us link at, for example, employs a WordPress plug-in. The other sites have addresses coded in JavaScript to handle this and free us from the bots.

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this might be the most simple way to avoid spam…


what i mean is, set up a new gmail account that catches all your spam and such… have your point to gmail and then check gmail once in a while.

two emails make life easier than trying to separate good email from bad from one.

You could just have a form submitted to a php script, or you could put your email in a picture that has an email hidden right above it. or you could have the picture a mailto: picture and have it so that it has your email address on it but when they click on it it just says that is going to go to “INSERT EMAIL HERE” you just have to be resourceful, and hope for the best :slight_smile:

Perl script and form.