I know this was first requested 10 years ago, but I wonder if there is any chance to get PostgreSQL databases on shared hosting plans. Other hosting providers like Arvixe and InMotion are already offering it, plus other goodies like more up-to-date versions of PHP and Ruby, RoR support, way more one click install apps… and for the same or less money.

Any DH staff member can chime in?

I totally agree. Newer postgres servers are (9.3 or higher) are very performant and can scale to 64 cores if need be.

+1 !

I’d like to be able to use PostgreSQL the same way I am able to use MySQL on dreamhost… that would probably make me stay another 10 years…


I’d really appreciate postgres support with the postgis extension.

I’d also like to see PGSQL made available.

Yep, PgSQL must be a must.

+1 no PgSQL support…much faster than it used to be and fantastic for encryption…

+1, I would like to use postgis on Dreamhost.

+1, Postgres has become my defacto database. If not implemented this year, I shall begin the hunt for a new domain hosting service :frowning:

+1 as well, PostgreSQL as an option would be a huge benefit.

Yes please. This would be incredibly helpful.

Indeed, PostgreSQL would be a fantastic addition.

+1 Yes please! PostgreSQL With PostGIS support would be awesome

i would appreciate postgresql as well.

Not a straight answer, sorry, but some of you may find it inspiration on a tutorial I wrote on how to setup MariaDB on DreamHost Cloud server (DreamCompute) using Ansible. It should be very easy to modify one line, and create a postgresql database instead using the psql module from Ansible (

here is the mariadb tutorial

the part of the ansible playbook that should be modified is the final task, which should look like this:

tasks: - name: Install Postgresql apt: name={{ item }} state=latest update_cache=yes with_items: - psycopg2 - postgresql - name: Create a new db postgresql_db: name=backend_db state=present

WARNING: I haven’t tried this myself, it may not work … but if it does, let me know :slight_smile:

+1, I would like to use PostgreSQL on Dreamhost.

+1 PostgreSQL with PostGIS support

Yes, kind of disappointing this hasn’t been added after so many years.